About Us

inspiresport has brought a new dimension to the team sports travel market for schools and youth teams around the world. Inspiration, quality and enjoyment are key ingredients to motivate young people to join in and develop their skills in healthy and educational sporting pursuits.

We are a premium team sports development tour company. Our aim is to deliver unique sports travel programmes including school and youth teams sports tours to enrich young peoples' experiences and leave life-long memories. We offer young players of all standards the opportunity to train and play in the world's top professional clubs, using their own coaching expertise and excellent on-site facilities.

If you're looking to add development coaching to your football tour, rugby tour, netball tour, hockey tour, lacrosse or basketball tour, inspiresport can create a tailored package to suit your needs. We work with you to create your own programme to suit the standard, budget, and requirements of your group. We now offer packages at many of Europe's very best sporting brands as well as sport specific or multi-sport long-haul packages to the United States, South Africa, Malaysia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, Argentina and many more.

We also organise superb warm-weather training bases for elite clubs and national teams. Addtionally we have selected some high quality tournament opportunities. To find out more just head to our Tours pages and select your required sport.

As well as working with over 230 UK groups each year, we also offer overseas groups the chance to train and play at some of the world's top sporting destinations, whether they are looking to travel in Europe, or the rest of the world.

As the industry's most trusted provider of school and club sports development tours, we hope you'll find our new responsive design website an invaluable resource in putting together the best sports development tour for your group.

Our Highlights

Endorsed by leading governing bodies
inspiresport is the only company to be endorsed by the national governing bodies for state and independent schools sports tours for football in England and Scotland -representing the interests of over 17,000 schools. We are honoured to be the official partner of these associations delivering unique experiences that play a part in motivating young people to learn new skills and to continue to play their favourite sport.

World Class Coaching
Our sports tours aren't taught by traditional teachers or coaches (not that there's anything wrong with that!) but by the professionals who coach the very best. Our guys train the world class stars who get paid millions to do what they do - from Valencia to Liverpool, you'll be trained by the best.

Top Quality Destinations
We don't just do domestic sports tours - we offer tours throughout Europe, including Madrid, Valencia, Prague, Amsterdam and Lisbon, as well as locations in a range of sports across the US. So you won't have to brave the Great British weather while you train! (Though don't forget, we do have some fantastic UK destinations too!)

Interested in getting started?
We don't have a detailed online signup form - we don't take your details and automatically book you a package, we're not that kind of company. Get in touch with us and we'll prepare you a bespoke package that satisfies your sporting needs.